Our ServicesSupporting Intellectual Property Related Agreements

Supporting Intellectual Property Related Agreements

Our firm, in respect of consultations regarding required intellectual property related agreements for business and R&D, is able to provide advice at all stages of the process, from the drafting of proposed agreements, through to the study of the contents of any agreement, and then the conclusion of any agreement.

Our firm handles intellectual property related agreements in all of the fields stated below.

  • 1. Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements
    These agreements are required for consent to work intellectual property rights accompanying the introduction or out-licensing of technologies, etc.
  • 2. Intellectual Property Transfer Agreements
    These agreements underpin the purchase or sale of intellectual property rights and are also utilized at the time of M&A.
  • 3. MTA (Material Transfer Agreement)
    These agreements are required for the transfer of cells or genes, etc. which are generally used in biotechnology.
  • 4. Confidentiality Agreements (CDA, NDA)
    These agreements are indispensable when engaging in R&D or launching business negotiations. Where intellectual property related articles are included in any agreement, it is vital that these be checked.
  • 5. Joint Application Agreements
    These agreements set forth the terms and conditions when filing a joint patent application for an invention, the process for acquisition and maintenance of rights under a joint application, as well as the handling of the roles and the distribution of profits in order to maintain any joint patent established.
  • 6. Joint Research (Development) Agreements/Commissioned Research (Development) Agreements
    These agreements are required when performing any joint research, etc. They are important to set fort the method of handling the intellectual property rights that may be derived from that joint research, etc.


In addition to the intellectual property related agreements stated above, we provide a full range of consultation services, for example, those related to patent guarantees, and responses required in the handling of matters related to intellectual property.

Intellectual property related agreements are also the starting point of open innovation and collaboration between industry and academia. Where you consider that such an agreement is required, our firm urges you to contact us given our expertise in drafting specialized agreements within all intellectual property related fields including biotechnology.