Our ServicesPatent and Utility Models

Patent applications/Utility model registration applications

  1. Application procedures for patent applications/utility model registration applications in Japan


    Strategic support for patent applications
    After firstly listening to our clients concerning their business policies and the results of the R&D, an overall consideration based upon market trends, rights exercise and other factors is undertaken, and we subsequently propose an effective application strategy. Our firm is also able to provide assistance for inventions, and discoveries in the preliminary phase and in formulating development policies.
    Drafting application documents
    Centering on our patent attorneys, our highly skilled and experienced technical staff, is able to fully and accurately grasp all technical aspects, in order to be able to draft effective application documents at the rights acquisition phase. Further, we draft high quality application documents for rights acquisition not just in Japan but also in other countries.
    Application procedures for Japan Patent Office
    Our highly skilled and experienced staff within the general administration department ensures that all required procedures are not only performed promptly but also accurately. Further, our firm's independent application management system ensures solid and trustworthy management. Regardless of how unique an application is, our firm is able to provide a full support system.
  2. Procedural services after filing patent or utility model applications

    Procedures at the examination, trial phase
    Our firm is able to draw upon its experience to make accurate judgments and develop a rights acquisition policy. Through interviews with examiners, we are able to support efficient and smooth rights acquisition.
    Consultations, investigations, appraisal services, licensing services
    Through activities such as patent clearance and invention conferences as well as intellectual property seminars, our firm is able to provide the accurate and appropriate information our clients seek. In addition, our team of professionals is able to provide opinions on matters such as whether or not there has been rights infringement, as well as providing a judgment on the possibility of rights acquisition. Our firm is also able to provide support in respect of licensing agreements.
    Services including acting on behalf of our clients as counsel or as an assistant in court for appeals against JPO trial decisions or infringement suits
    Our firm has extensive experience in providing a broad range of litigation services in a variety of fields. Based upon this, we continue to provide superior litigation services, including appeals against JPO trial decisions or infringement suits.